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Springfield Youth Hockey Association          EIN 46-1064650


The Springfield Youth Hockey Associations (SYHA) goal is to introduce the youth of our area communities to the great game of ice hockey, such that every child, through their participation in the program, can enjoy a positive, character building sports experience while creating a passion for the game.

SYHA believes that through the development of every individual, the collective team benefits from the resulting depth, diversity, and cohesion. This produces a level of confidence that brings success in the competitive hockey environment.

Emphasis will always be placed upon education, personal development, teamwork, and sportsmanship. The individual conduct of board members, coaches, players, and parents will be maintained to ensure a positive culture in which all can honor the sport, and exemplify an organization in which to be proud of.

The SYHA will not discriminate against any person or organization on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or sexual preference.

Mission Statement:

It is the mission of the Springfield Youth Hockey Association to promote and foster a positive skating experience for area youth that can be applied in all aspects of life.



Any person residing in the Springfield city limits may become members. Persons living outside the Springfield City limits may become members only upon approval of the Board.


Each registration constitutes a membership, with the right to vote, and the right to hold office.


Any person elected as an officer of the Association shall be a member of this Association, with such powers and duties as are established in the articles and by-laws.



While the SYHA’s Board is ultimately responsible for managing the business and affairs of the Association, their day to day focus shall be on managing the business of youth playing hockey. Any and all contracts executed on behalf of the Association shall be authorized by the SYHA Board or as delegated.


Sixty percent or more of the Board must be present and voting before any official action can be taken by said Board members at any Board meeting.


The number of voting positions of the Board of Directors shall consist of a President, Vice President, Registrar, Secretary, Head Coach, Treasurer,  Equipment Manager, Tournament Director, Fundraising Director, and Scheduler. The term of an Executive Committee begins on the first day of May in the year they are elected.  


Meetings will be once every month on a date determined by the Board.


SYHA will hold regular meetings once each month. A passing vote will be by a majority of the Board of Directors members present. A minimum of 60 Percent of the Board of Director members must be present to vote. Individual board members will be notified at least one week prior to the meeting date except in the case of a special meeting of the board in which case as much notice as practical shall be given.


The Board vacancies will be filled with a member of the Association. The person receiving the next highest vote count in the general election at the annual meeting will be selected to fill the vacancy. If the list of non-elected nominations has been exhausted, the President shall appoint an officer to be approved by the Board of Directors from the membership.


Elections shall be held each year. Nominations for office are accepted up to one week prior to the election.


If a Board member fails to adequately perform the duties and responsibilities assigned to them, any other member of the Board may make a motion to remove said officer. The motion must pass with a 2/3 majority vote to be removed from the Board.


Learn to Skate Coordinator

GSL Representative

MA Hockey Representative




The officers of the Association shall be: President (non-voting- votes for tie breaker only), Vice President, Registrar, Secretary, Head Coach, Treasurer,  Equipment Manager, Tournament Director, Fundraising Director, and Scheduler.  In the event of an open board position the President shall appoint a replacement with the approval from the Board of Directors. In the event the President should resign, his/her remaining term shall be served by the Vice-President. A coach may hold an elected office, while actively coaching. All head coaches and assistant coaches must be approved by the Board of Directors.


Dates and fees for registration shall be announced each fall. Proof of age by birth certificate shall be required at registration. Any registration received after the registration deadline must be approved by the Executive Committee.

The age classifications are published at registration annually and on the website. SECTION THREE- JOB DESCRIPTIONS


The President’s ultimate responsibility is to assure that all functions, actions, and decisions within the Association are in keeping with the By-Laws of the Association. The President shall preside over all Board of Director meetings. The President shall be a non-voting member on the Board of Directors, voting only as a tie breaker. The President shall act as the ex-officio of all committees. The President shall select individuals for appointed positions to be approved by the Board of Directors.


The Vice President (VP) shall serve as an assistant to the President, ready to support the President in his/her duties. If the President office is vacated for any reason, the VP shall assume the office of President for the remainder of that term. The Board of Directors shall then appoint a Vice President for the remainder of that term. VP duties shall include presiding over the Board of Directors meetings in the absence of the President. The VP will be responsible for coordinating the activities of the following officials; Coaching Coordinator(s), Building Manager(s), and Scheduler. The VP will also carry out any other assignments as given by the President.


The Secretary will be responsible for keeping all written records of the Association. The Secretary will keep the minutes of all regular, and special meetings of the Board of Directors. The Secretary will give notice of all meetings, as directed by the President and will ensure the minutes kept and saved. The Secretary will serve as a voting member of the Board of Directors.


The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping complete and up-to-date records of all money transactions within the Association. Treasurer will invoice ice usage in coordination with the Scheduler(s). The Treasurer shall collect and deposit all monies for the Association in a timely manner. The Treasurer shall pay, with approval of the Executive Committee, all bills of the Association. The Treasurer shall close the books, and submit them for audit, at the close of each hockey season. Treasurer shall be a voting member of the Board of Directors. The Treasurer must submit a monthly ledger to the President, for report to the Board of Directors.


The Tournament Director shall coordinate all tournaments attended by or sponsored by  the Springfield Youth Hockey Association. The Tournament Director will advise each Tournament Team Rep in the preparation of all facets for running each team’s tournament. Overall/ general need of all tournaments will be coordinated by the Tournament Director including:

  • Contact with sponsoring hotel to set up tournament dates
  • Selecting and ordering the year’s tournament patches, and awards
  • Coordinate with t-shirt/ sweatshirt vendor
  • Responsible for layout and design of tournament program
  • Responsible for providing all tournament Team Reps with specific instructions on the coordination of their tournament
  • Responsible for all other duties, not specifically listed here, that are required for successful tournaments

Specific/ individual team tournament responsibilities will be coordinated by the tournament Team Rep with the assistance of the Tournament Director.


There shall be one Team Rep for each team in the Association. Team Reps shall be selected by each team and shall serve until the selection of a new Team Rep. This is to be completed by September 15th. Team Reps shall be responsible for communication of the actions and functions of the Association to the members of the Team.


Head Coaches will be selected prior to the start of each season by the Board of Directors. Head Coaches will have at least one Assistant Coach. The Assistant Coach must be approved by the Board of Directors. Head Coaches will coach their teams in a manner so as to insure all players conform to USA Hockey guidelines. Head Coaches shall be responsible for coaching all skaters on their teams, on an equal basis. Head Coaches shall inform the Scheduler(s) as to all time changes in game, and practices. SYHA requires that all coaches follow uniform codes of instruction, discipline, certification, and participation, as specified by USA Hockey. In addition, all coaches must follow the USA Hockey Coaches' Code of Conduct.



The Registrar will: (a) be responsible for the registration of teams, players, coaches and managers, as directed by these By-Laws and the SYHA rules and Regulations, ( b) keep records of all registration and membership, (c) "certify" eligible voting member teams, (d) "certify" those registered member teams eligible for State Tournaments, (e) implement procedures to coordinate registration activities with MA Hockey and USA Hockey, (f) in general perform all duties incident to the Office of the Registrar and such other duties as from time to time may be assigned him/her by the President of SYHA. Nothing in this By-Law shall relieve any member or its agent, association, team, player, parent or guardian of their responsibility to submit a roster that is true and correct and complies with USA Hockey requirements, and all of the SYHA By-Laws and the Rules and Regulations.



The Scheduler(s) will be responsible for scheduling hockey activities at Cyr Arena, from the first day of ice to the last day of ice. The Schedulers shall set up a schedule for ice ensuring that all teams are given equal consideration for ice time. The Scheduler(s) will incorporate approved Parks and Rec activities into the schedule. The Scheduler(s) will post ice schedules to the web site.. The Scheduler(s) will make all necessary schedule changes, and notify all people involved in such changes. All Coaches and/ or Teams Reps must notify the Scheduler(s) of any schedule changes.


The Equipment Manager shall be responsible for checking in and out, uniforms and players equipment, to the Head Coaches or Team Reps. The Equipment Manager is responsible for maintaining an updated inventory of all Association uniforms, and players’ equipment. Any expenditure over $150 must be approved by the President, or the Board of Directors. All receipts must be turned into the Treasurer within five (5) days from date of purchase.



FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE: This committee shall be chaired by the Vice-President. The committee is responsible for recommending fundraising activities for the association, coordinating the approved fundraising activities and reporting to the board upon their completion.


Grievance Procedure

On-ice related grievances may not be communicated during a game or practice, within 24 hours before or after a game, or practice, or in the presence of any minor. In the event a member is not satisfied with the response or solution, the member will then communicate the grievance to the Coaching Director. The Coaching Director will attempt to resolve the grievance within a reasonable period of time.





Player evaluations will be held in the spring for all teams.
Player evaluations will consist of at least two hours of ice sessions to evaluate player’s skills and will include drills and scrimmages.
No team selections will be announced until reviewed by Head Coach and President. At such time the results shall be posted.

At the conclusion of the player evaluations, all evaluators will meet to make the final selections which will be submitted to the Head Coach and President

No player will be informed as to his or her assignment prior to the Head Coach/President approval of the final list.
Evaluators will make their evaluations on a record provided by SYHA based only on the player’s assigned numbers. No evaluator shall have a list of corresponding names. All evaluation records must be turned in.

Every attempt shall be made to provide independent evaluations conducted by evaluators outside the organization if not available, evaluation will be responsibility of the Head Coach.
Players shall be selected by their skill, and no player will be guaranteed a position on a team regardless if a player were on said team in the preceding year.
Players injured prior to tryout time, and unable to participate in player evaluations, will return to the team they played for this current year.


In order to be eligible for participation in the program each player and parent (or legal guardian) must complete and submit all the forms and materials required by the Board of Directors for participation in the program. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in the affected player and parent (or legal guardian) being declared ineligible to participate in any Springfield Youth Hockey activity. A player/parent can be fully reinstated at any time, with all the rights and privileges of membership in the program, upon submittal of the required forms and with the Board of Directors. All player are required to register on the Springfield Capitals website.